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  • Chattanooga Educational Article of the Month - Squirrel repellent

Squirrel repellent

Squirrel repellent

There are a myriad of ways to supposedly repel Chattanooga squirrels, but most of them just did not work, the classic one is, and you can buy this online and even in stores, it is spraying the urine of predators around your house and yard, now I have never actually used any of these parts I'm told by experts that making your backyard smell like a fox's toilet will have no effect at all on Tennessee squirrels and I believe them. They do seem to agree but that squirrels are more wary once your yard smells like a fox's toilet, the one great advantage to this solution is it's 100% organic and will not harm your plants, problem is it will not stop the squirrels from harming your plants.

The second most popular solution is electronic, there is a huge number of electronic repellents on the market because basically anything sold as a Chattanooga rodent repellent, think rats and mice here, will also supposedly work on squirrels. The great advantage of electronic repellers is that they are only designed to scare the animal away, they are not designed to harm it in any way. One of the things the manufacturers of these devices say is as well as repelling small rodents they will repel larger Tennessee animals as well.

The last solution and the one people go for first most of all is sprays of various kinds, these range from simple pepper sprays to sprays with a lot of chemical ingredients, most of them have truly fanciful boasts about their effectiveness as in the experts opinions all I do is generally upset the Chattanooga squirrel population for a few days. And they all wash off in water which means after it rains they are gone.

Here is a tip that surprisingly even the Tennessee professionals agree works very nicely. What you have to do is you have to gather up hair, hair from you, hair from other members of the family and especially if you have them, hair from your pets. Once you have this little collection get some kind of porous cloth, like muslin, enclosed the collected hair and little bundles of cloth and put them where you don't want Chattanooga squirrels to go. This evidently works for up to a month because the squirrels are deterred by the smell of the hair, thinking there are humans or dogs and cats close by. But like any other natural deterrent it needs to be replaced regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

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