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  • Chattanooga Educational Article of the Month - Raccoon trapping: how to trap a raccoon

Raccoon trapping: how to trap a raccoon

Raccoon trapping: how to trap a raccoon

The very first thing I'll say about trapping raccoons is, if you have the wrong equipment or if you make a mistake the raccoon will get you. If you get bitten by a Tennessee raccoon you will be advised to undergo treatment for possible rabies infection, this treatment is neither easy or pain-free. My brother-in-law had rabies shots and I remember the only two things he said about them was, they hurt like hell and that is the biggest needle he'd ever seen. Trapping raccoons should really be left to professionals but as we all know anyone who calls themselves a professional is expensive. Trapping a raccoon is never going to be simple, there is a myriad of traps available online and in stores but most of them are not suitable for trapping raccoons.

Most of the traps sold are too small or too weak or the biggest problem of all, do not protect you while you pick the trap up. It's not much fun having a Chattanooga raccoon trap if when you go to pick the trap up the raccoon attacks you through the mesh, if you're lucky you will finish up with a couple of small bites, if you're not lucky you will need immediate emergency room help, remember as well as teeth Tennessee raccoons have a set of very sharp claws on each front paw, and they are very fast and very agile. The best method of actually trapping a raccoon is still the one where the cubs are used as bait, if there are no cubs, get a can of any cat food. Try not to use meat for bait as that seems to attract local cats, stray cats and opossums and trust me you do not want to catch a wild cat in the trap.

You have to remember when setting any kind of trap that the welfare of the Tennessee animals you're trying to trap has to be paramount. There are cases of raccoons being left in the sun to die, being left outside in freezing to death, being trapped close to the swimming pool in an unanchored trap and the raccoon pulling the trap into the pool and drowning. There are also many recorded cases of other domestic animals that are someone's pet being caught and dying from similar causes, which is guaranteed to get pet owners attention and anger.

Also if you removed a female from her cubs the females have been known to return looking for the cubs within a few days of being dropped up to ten miles from where they were trapped and after that would not go near any trap ever again.

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