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  • Chattanooga Educational Article of the Month - How to kill a mole

How to kill a mole

How to kill a mole

Because Chattanooga moles live underground in burrows they dig themselves then killing them becomes a harder task. If you do not mind what your lawn looks like then you are probably going to leave the mole alone because it is actually doing some good, moles mostly live on insects and earthworms which means they eat a lot of pests, however when they burrow the grass above the burrow tends to die leaving that area of grass brown and the rest of your lawn nice and green. If you want your Tennessee lawn to look like the putting surface on your local golf course than the mole has to go and probably the only way you're going to be out to get rid of it is to kill it.

Once you have removed your current invader that does not mean the fight is over, most often than not another Chattanooga mole will move in to the abandoned burrow within a week, there have been stories of a homeowner having to kill up to 30 moles in one spring/summer/fall year, if there are moles in the area then they will be breeding and producing new moles looking for homes all during that period.

The most efficient way to kill a Tenneessee mole is with a trap, there are three main traps that do this job very efficiently and they are:

1. the spear trap, this trap is set in a burrow that is being used a lot, it works by driving metal spears down into the ground when the Tennessee mole triggers the trap.

2. Scissor traps, these work by having a set of metal pieces on each corner and when the Chattanooga mole triggers the trap they snap into the middle killing the animal.

3. The last kind of trap is called a paperclip trap, you need at least two of these for them to work efficiently, they are placed inside a frequently used tunnel back to back so it doesn't matter which way the model comes it will trigger the trap.

One thing you should know is that just because the trap is triggered and you pull it out and there is no mole in it doesn't mean the trap missed, all advice suggests you should dig around the tunnel area close to the trap as the animal may be there and dead. In some jurisdictions there are specific procedures you must follow when disposing of dead wild Tennessee animals, you cannot just chuck the body into your garbage, so find out what you must do and do it.

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